Personal Brand Session Giveaway 2023

PERSONAL BRAND PHOTO SESSION GIVEAWAY! I am super excited to announce my annual Personal Brand Photography Session GIVEAWAY!. This prize is perfect for entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to level up their online presence and stand out from the competition.  To enter, participants must complete the form below. The giveaway will close on […]

Unleash Your Creativity: Styling Your Next Photoshoot With Dot Stickers

UNLEASH YOUR CREATIVITY: STYLING YOUR NEXT PHOTOSHOOT WITH DOT STICKERS! As a professional photographer, I’m always looking for ways to push the boundaries and to create truly special images for my clients. It’s important to me that each photo session I do is an absolute success, with creative images that capture the moment while also […]

New Photography Class – White Seamless 11 Creative Ways to Use it.

THE SETUP. What if I tell you, you can utilize a white seamless in 11 different ways in no time to make the best out of your photography sessions and provide your clients with a wide variety of results that will convert into more income for your photography business?  In my newest class, now live […]

Personal Brand Sessions FAQ

Personal Brand sessions FAQ Frequently Asked Questions Can I have a consultation before I book my session? Of course! I offer 15 minutes phone consultations, where we can get to know each other, discuss ideas, locations, usage of your images, and the date and time of the session that works best for you. You can […]

The Perfect Black and White Photography Studio SetUp with a V-Flat.

THE PERFECT BLACK & WHITE PHOTOGRAPHY SETUP WITH A V-FLAT. BLACK & WHITE Headshots are a way people introduce themselves to the world. It’s the first image people see of you on a resume, or social media account such as LinkedIn, and the image people usually attach to their business cards and brochures. While gray […]