My photography studio is my creative laboratory where I experiment with lighting and photography techniques. It’s a space where I refine my skills and explore new elements to grow as a creative. Recently, I invited Zurii to collaborate on a photography project. We began with a minimalist white set, I styled her in a white dress. As always, I let her poses flow naturally, guided by the music she chose. The simplicity of the setup allowed her movements and expressions to shine, creating a series of captivating and elegant images.


Then we moved into a disco party, adding my always handy collection of disco balls. The disco balls paired with a spotlight reflector never disappoint creating the most beautiful light reflections on the set. 


Then I moved on to one of my favorite backdrops in the studio by Gravity Backdrops. The white of the dress against the textured olive green of the backdrop created beautiful and classy images.


I usually get my dopamine fix with the colors I add to my photography. In this case, I have sourced a few colorful outfits to use in this photoshoot. I asked the make up artist to use a very colorful palette on the model and I paired the whole thing with a bright yellow background.


Before you decide to cut and throw away a piece of your seamless paper, consider ripping it and use it to frame your subjects. It is always a great way to create an alternative look and have fun with your clients.

Alternately you can cut out shapes on the paper seamless. In this case I cut out a triangle and then used a green light behind it to add and extra color to the set. None of this was previously planned. It all happens when I’m in the flow creating and looking for ways to add creative elements to my pictures.


A great way to add an element of whimsy and fun to your images is using color lights, I love to play and add different colors and pair them with a spotlight reflector. Next time you’re in the studio try adding a little bit of color with light, but be extra careful; it may be a little addictive!

Inspired by Zurii’s creative portrait session? Imagine what we can create together! Whether you’re looking for a unique portrait, unique photography for your brand and products or a professional headshot,  my studio is the perfect place to bring your vision to life. Contact me today to book your session and let’s capture something truly special. I can’t wait to work with you!

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