Best Ways To Use Your Professional Photos To Enhance Your Brand

BEST WAYS TO USE YOUR PROFESSIONAL PHOTOS TO ENHANCE YOUR BRAND  Now that you have a folder filled with stunning images let me help you make the most of them. Here are a few ideas on using your professional photos to elevate your brand and take it to the next level. Create a Killer Email […]

The Perfect Hand-Painted Canvas Backdrop

THE PERFECT HANDPAINTEDCANVAS BACKDROP As a photographer known for my colorful and saturated work, working with a neutral backdrop was an unexpected yet delightful adventure. Recently, I got my hands on a handpainted Gravity backdrop that has become an indispensable part of my photography toolkit. This backdrop, with its distressed soft olive and beige tones, […]

Creative Session With Zurii

CREATIVE SESSION WITH ZURII. My photography studio is my creative laboratory where I experiment with lighting and photography techniques. It’s a space where I refine my skills and explore new elements to grow as a creative. Recently, I invited Zurii to collaborate on a photography project. We began with a minimalist white set, I styled […]

Creative Portrait Photography Session with Emerson

I’m Gilmar Smith, I’m a creative portrait photographer based in Orlando, Fl. It is not secret that I love photography. More than a job for me is my obsession, my therapy, my happy place. So whenever I find myself in the studio I try my best to enjoy every second of the creative process by […]

Black and White Photography Studio SetUp with a V-Flat.

THE PERFECT BLACK & WHITE PHOTOGRAPHY SETUP WITH A V-FLAT. BLACK & WHITE Headshots are a way people introduce themselves to the world. It’s the first image people see of you on a resume, or social media account such as LinkedIn, and the image people usually attach to their business cards and brochures. While gray […]

Wide Angle Lenses for Portrait Photography

MASTERING WIDE ANGLE LENSES FOR UNCONVENTIONAL PORTRAIT ARTISTRY.  As a photographer, you may have heard a billion times that you should never photograph people with a wide-angle lens because of the distortion they create, and man, you can find so many trolls policing these rules all over the internet. But to me, rules are only […]

Mastering Tabletop Portraits. Part One: The Wooden Table.

MASTERING TABLETOP PORTRAITS PART ONE: THE WOODEN TABLE. By incorporating a table into your workflow, you can effortlessly create compelling images that tell stories, establish a comfortable environment for your subjects, and unlock a treasure trove of creativity. Join me as we embark on a journey filled with tips, tricks, and technical insights to elevate […]


SIMPLE WAYS TO STYLE YOUR NEXT PHOTOSHOOT WITH SEAMLESS PAPER! One of the greatest challenges that we encounter as studio photographers is providing our clients with a wide range of options while minimizing time and financial investments and time assembling different sets during a session. An effective technique I employ to elevate my sessions is […]

Artistic and Creative Ways to Frame Your Shots.

ARTISTIC AND CREATIVE WAYS TO FRAME YOUR SUBJECTS.  Framing is a fun way to direct the viewer’s eye toward the subject. It creates a sense of context and perspective by incorporating elements that enclose or surround the subject, effectively creating a frame within the frame. This technique not only adds aesthetic appeal but also enhances […]

RGB LIGHTING: Colored Shadows.

RGB LIGHTING COLORED SHADOWS. Photography is an art form that thrives on creativity, and one of the essential elements photographers utilize to craft captivating images is lighting. While natural light is a favorite choice for many, artificial lighting techniques can add an exciting dimension and control to your photography. In this article, we’ll explore the […]

Monochromatic Portraits.

MONOCHROMATIC PORTRAITS. HARNESSING THE VISUAL IMPACT OF A SINGLE COLOR. Photography has the remarkable power to capture the essence of a subject and evoke emotions in the viewer. By utilizing a single color in the background, clothing, and props, we can create visually striking images that leave a lasting impact.   Through monochromatic photography, we can […]

Exploring The Artistic Potential Of Props.

EXPLORING THE ARTISTIC POTENTIAL OF PROPS. Props are my favorite elements to enhance the visual appeal and storytelling potential of my pictures. Props not only add interest and help to tell a story in a photograph but also help subjects feel more at ease, allowing them to pose naturally and create captivating images. In this […]

The Magic Of Themed Family Sessions.

THE MAGIC OF THEMED FAMILY SESSIONS. Through the years I have worked as a photographer, I have witnessed firsthand how themed family sessions can create unforgettable memories and allow families to embark on exciting adventures together. By incorporating themes that reflect each family’s unique dynamics, tastes, and hobbies, we can turn a photo shoot into […]

What To Wear On A Personal Brand Session

WHAT TO WEAR ON A PERSONAL BRAND SESSION. A personal brand photography session is an opportunity to make a remarkable first impression and communicate your brand’s story visually. By selecting the right wardrobe, embracing authenticity, and connecting with your audience, you elevate the impact of your personal brand imagery. Let your clothing choices reflect your […]

Personal Brand Sessions With Rachel

PERSONAL BRAND PHOTO SESSIONS: RACHEL ALDERMAN. Since 2019, I have had the privilege of being Rachel’s Personal Brand photographer, and together, we have crafted a remarkable collection of images that authentically capture her vibrant and bubbly personality and contagious enthusiasm. It is truly remarkable to witness how Rachel’s personal brand imagery consistently resonates with her […]

Photography Education

MY EDUCATIONAL CONTENT LIVE AT KELBYONE KELBYONE MAKING MONEY WITH YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY You already create incredible images, why not make some extra cash? If you have ever considered turning your love for photography into a side hustle but didn’t know where to start or what direction you should go in, then you are going to […]