Props are my favorite elements to enhance the visual appeal and storytelling potential of my pictures. Props not only add interest and help to tell a story in a photograph but also help subjects feel more at ease, allowing them to pose naturally and create captivating images. In this article, we will explore the art of using props to tell stories, to ease subjects, to elevate your photography, and to capture fun and memorable photographs.


Props have the incredible ability to convey a narrative within a photograph. By carefully selecting and incorporating relevant props, you can transform a simple portrait into a visual story.

Props can transport viewers into a world of imagination and evoke emotions that make a lasting impact. I will show you below different ways I use props in my work, whether it is on Personal Brand sessions, family portraits, creative portraiture and even self portraits!


In the world of personal branding, creating impactful and authentic visual content is crucial for individuals looking to establish a strong online presence. Personal brand photography sessions provide an opportunity to capture the essence of an individual’s brand and personality. One effective technique you continually see in my work is the strategic use of props. Incorporating props into personal brand photography adds a personal touch, visual interest, and a storytelling element that helps individuals connect with their audience on a deeper level. 

One prop that both my clients and I absolutely love using in Personal Brand photography sessions is my extensive collection of vintage rotary phones. These phones hold a special place in my heart, as I acquired them long before my photography journey began. Interestingly, once clients caught a glimpse of these unique phones in one of my sessions, they couldn’t resist incorporating them into their photographs. The vintage rotary phones effortlessly add a touch of nostalgia and create a compelling narrative of connection. My clients utilize these photos across various platforms, including social media, email signatures, and promotional materials, to effectively showcase themselves and their services.


 I always strive to make unique photographs, so I’m constantly in the look out for unique alternatives to elevate my photography, and what better example to that than these shoe phone inspired by the television series “Get Smart”. They add fun, humor and nostalgia to the session and create a memorable impact on the audience. 


Incorporating humor and fun into photography sessions can be a delightful way to capture the essence of your clients’ personalities. In the picture below my client and I decided to use a banana as a phone. This choice not only adds a touch of lightheartedness to the session but also serves as a perfect match for clients who embrace a humorous approach to life. Through the clever use of props like the banana phone, you can create a playful and memorable experience that results in photographs filled with laughter, happiness, and a genuine reflection of your clients’ vibrant personalities.

Let’s explore how props can be the solution to the “I don’t know what to do with my hands!” phenomenon, providing shelter to nerves and allowing subjects to ease into their poses with confidence.


When subjects feel uncertain or self-conscious during a photoshoot, their hands can become a focal point of anxiety. Props come to the rescue by giving subjects something tangible to hold or interact with. This simple act provides a sense of security, redirecting attention away from their hands and allowing them to relax. As soon as props are introduced, subjects often find themselves naturally engaging with them, creating more organic and genuine poses.


Props not only give subjects something to physically hold but also provide an opportunity for playfulness and interaction. By encouraging subjects to explore and experiment with the props, you create an atmosphere of fun and relaxation. This diversionary tactic helps subjects forget their initial nervousness and focuses their attention on the props, resulting in more spontaneous and authentic expressions. As subjects get lost in the playfulness, they gradually become at ease, and you capture beautifully natural photographs.


Props can also serve as powerful tools to enhance the visual storytelling of a portrait. By carefully selecting props that reflect the subject’s personality, interests, or profession, you add depth and meaning to the image. For example, a musician holding their instrument or an artist surrounded by their tools instantly communicates their passion and craft. This connection between the subject and prop creates a synergy that allows subjects to express themselves more confidently and comfortably.


A Prop for Every Personality: Customizing the Experience: Every subject is unique, and props offer an opportunity to customize the photoshoot experience. In my sessions, I always consider the individual’s interests, hobbies, or personal style when selecting props. Whether it’s a vintage book for a literature lover or a sports-related item for an athlete, tailoring the props to the subject helps them feel seen and understood. This personalized touch fosters a sense of comfort and rapport, enabling subjects to relax and showcase their true selves in front of the camera.

Throughout our exploration of using props in portraiture photography, we can discover the immense value they bring to the creative process. Props serve as powerful tools for overcoming discomfort, building rapport, and unleashing authentic expressions from subjects. Whether it’s helping individuals feel at ease, adding depth to the visual narrative, or incorporating humor and fun, props have the ability to elevate personal brand photography and create compelling and meaningful images.


By providing subjects with props, we create a tangible connection that allows them to step into a storytelling world, embody characters, and express their true selves. Props become portals that transport subjects from discomfort to ease, enabling them to relax and showcase their genuine personalities. This process not only leads to visually captivating photographs but also establishes a deeper connection between the subject and the audience.


Props play a crucial role in reinforcing personal brand identities, evoking emotions, and adding context and visual interest to photographs. They amplify the authenticity of the images, portraying individuals in a way that resonates with their audience. Moreover, props inject an element of fun and playfulness, capturing moments of joy, laughter, and spontaneity that make the photographs memorable and engaging.


As photographers, our responsibility goes beyond capturing physical appearances. We strive to create an environment where subjects feel comfortable, where their true essence can shine through. Props act as catalysts in achieving this goal, nurturing a space for authentic expressions, personal connections, and compelling storytelling.


So, whether it’s the use of vintage rotary phones, bananas transformed into phones, or any other creative prop, we have witnessed the transformative power that they bring to photography sessions. From telling stories to easing nerves, props have become invaluable assets in our quest to create meaningful and impactful portraits.


As we continue to explore and push the boundaries of portraiture photography, let us embrace the versatility and creativity that props offer. Let us utilize them to unlock the narratives, capture the essence of individuals, and leave a lasting impression through images that evoke emotions, tell stories, and celebrate the unique personalities of our subjects.