As a photographer, you may have heard a billion times that you should never photograph people with a wide-angle lens because of the distortion they create, and man, you can find so many trolls policing these rules all over the internet. But to me, rules are only made to be broken. Why would we call ourselves artists if we are not allowed to experiment and play? Please, tell me what I cannot do, and watch me do it!

Just last week, I invited Arianna to my cozy home studio for a playful photoshoot. Embracing my rebellious spirit, I decided to approach the entire session using my 14-30mm f/4 Nikkor Z lens, despite the conventional advice against it.

When it comes to creativity, I often emphasize the power of scarcity. I firmly believe that limitations can be creativity’s best friend. If you truly want to give your creative muscles a great workout, try sticking to a single prop, color, or lens, and challenge yourself to explore the boundaries of your imagination with just that one element. It’s astonishing what you can achieve when you make this exercise a habit.

Once you train your brain to work within constraints, no creative challenge will ever intimidate you again. You’ll be equipped to tackle any obstacle thrown your way.

In this particular series of photographs, I combined unconventional angles and perspectives with a killer color palette, resulting in visually striking and mind-blowing images. By defying the “rules” and embracing the potential of the wide-angle lens, I was able to capture unique perspectives and create a truly mesmerizing visual experience.

The notion that wide-angle lenses should never be used for photographing people is just one example of a rule that can be broken. Through my recent photoshoot with Arianna, I demonstrated that by defying these norms and embracing the wide-angle lens, I was able to create captivating and extraordinary images.

 Let’s embrace the rebels within us and fearlessly pursue our artistic vision. Break the rules, experiment, and explore. As photographers, we have the power to reshape perceptions and create visual wonders that captivate and inspire. It is through these acts of defiance and exploration that we truly find our artistic voice and leave an indelible mark on the world of photography.