Framing is a fun way to direct the viewer’s eye toward the subject. It creates a sense of context and perspective by incorporating elements that enclose or surround the subject, effectively creating a frame within the frame. This technique not only adds aesthetic appeal but also enhances the overall storytelling of the photograph. 


I am constantly pushing myself to deliver something truly extraordinary and unique to my clients while maintaining a creative edge. When engaging in a pre-consultation with my clients, I listen and take note of their whys and the things they are passionate about. By doing so, I am able to incorporate their personal interests  into their photographs in a meaningful way. An example of this can be seen in the image above, where I framed my subject with an arrangement of leaves. Recognizing her love for nature, I sought to infuse our studio session with a touch of the natural world. By framing her with the leaves, I not only fulfilled her desire for a nature-inspired element, but also added a captivating visual flair to the image.

In the image below, I wanted to capture the feeling of being small and lonely during a rough patch in my life. I Photoshopped myself right in the middle of a lily pad. It not only gave that “small” effect, but also framed me nicely with the round shape of the leaf, drawing all the attention to yours truly.


Shapes serve as a fantastic tool for framing subjects. In the image below, I strategically positioned my son in front of a dart board, using it as a creative way to create a halo effect and draw attention to him. To enhance the dynamic of the photograph, I photoshopped darts around him, amplifying the framing effect and lending a sense of movement to the composition.


Here’s another example showcasing the art of customization through the framing technique. My client, Rachel uses her love of coffee and coffee mugs as part of her brand. I utilized mugs and recruited the hands of my hair and make up artist to help me framing her for this shot.


Inspired by my conversation with my client, I decided to use my collection of  vintage rotary phone to frame her to highlight her connection to communication in a visually captivating manner.

By carefully positioning the phones around her, the image gains a captivating focal point.

The framing not only adds visual interest but also offers a deeper narrative.  


Recently, I had the pleasure of working with a client who had just released her new book. With the aim of promoting it on social media, we embarked on a photoshoot adventure that centered around creatively incorporating her book into the imagery. From the moment we began the session, the objective was clear: to showcase the book while capturing my client’s essence and excitement as an author. We played with different compositions and angles, utilizing the book as a prop and a storytelling element. In the end, the photos we captured beautifully conveyed my client’s connection to her newly published book. The session not only celebrated her accomplishments but also served as a testament to the power of creativity and resourcefulness.


In photography, light is the ultimate muse. It has the power to transform an ordinary scene into something extraordinary, evoking emotions and telling stories through the interplay of shadows and highlights. One of the most captivating techniques in photography is the skillful use of light to frame a subject. By consciously manipulating light, photographers can create striking compositions that draw the viewer’s attention and provide a sense of depth and context.


By using light as a frame, you can guide the viewer’s gaze and draw attention to specific details or elements within the photograph. This technique can also add a sense of depth and dimension to your images, transforming a flat scene into a multi-layered visual narrative.

Remember, photography is an art form that requires practice and experimentation, so don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. With time, patience, and a keen eye, you’ll be able to create photographs that tell compelling stories through the magic of framing.