creating photo bays for photoshop world conference

Photo Bays with a side of

Back in 2018 I was contacted by the Photoshop World Conference organizers to create a Photo Bay where attendees could put their photography skills to practice, try new gear and create compelling images for their portfolio. 

Having previously assisted many photography conferences before, I knew I wanted to create something different and memorable. 

 That’s when my partnership with Spectacular Themes Orlando, the most amazing prop warehouse in town began. 

Putting these photo bays together was an experience I will never forget. I got to meet so many amazing people, it opened many doors in my career and I got to work with fabulous creators. 

Unfortunately, after the pandemic in person shows and conferences were cancelled, but as we return back to normal I am looking forward to create photo bays like these again!


route 66 themed photobay
photoshop world orlando 2018

the wonderful

I’m  blessed by having around a wonderful group of people spreading pixie dust all over!  For this event I had the wonderful help of Spectacular Themes Orlando who provided me with the props for this amazing set up; Angelica Chrysler who did hair and make up for my beautiful model Tatiana Sidorova, and we also had a cameo from photographer and professional clown Kirk Marsh.

Florida themed photobay
photoshop world orlando 2019

the wonderful team

Once again I relied on Spectacular Themes Orlando to provide me with all the props for this amazing photo bay. Every corner was filled with amazing photo ops! 

I couldn’t have asked for a better model! Nicole Desiree Hays is a performer and a makeup artist. Working with her is always a joy. Her commitment to her character was impressive!

jail themed booth

Where time is served for all photography and retouching crimes….

photoshop world vegas 2019

the wonderful team

 What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! 

This time we took the show on the road! I needed a set that could be transported from Orlando to Vegas. It also needed to be easy to set up and take down.

To date this was the simplest setup, but the most interactive! Attendees wore orange and time was served for photography and photoshop crimes.

I had a model for the first day, but I quickly realized everybody was having more fun having their picture taken wearing orange suits!

Big thanks again to Spectacular Themes Orlando for providing me with this set up, and the KelbyOne team for helping me putting everything together at the show!