Personal Brand Photography

and you want that first impression to be memorable and unique as yourself! I’m here to help you tell your story with high-end imagery that is carefully tailored for you and your brand. My Personal Brand Sessions go way beyond the headshot. I love to authentically capture my client’s personalities and their brand’s true essence so they stand out and make the right impression on their dream client and audience.


Share your awesomeness with the world unapologetically in a way only you can! You work so hard on becoming who you are, why settle on boring impersonal pictures to represent your brand? Think about being featured on Forbes Magazine…that’s what your Personal Brand pictures should look like!  Let’s create images that are uniquely yours,  that showcase your best self, add value,  and align specifically to your brand, and the message you want to convey to your audience.


I know this process may sound a little overwhelming sometimes, but I am here to offer my guidance and assistance throughout the whole creative process; from conceptualizing and styling our session, helping you choose your most amazing outfits, advice you about locations and props that better reflect your brand, provide you with guidance on  visual brand strategy and how, when and where to better utilize your images.

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course! I offer 15 minutes phone consultations, where we can get to know each other, discuss ideas, locations, usage of your images, and the date and time of the session that works best for you. You can book a consultation here!

Make a list of the shots you will ultimately want to get from the session. Get a great night of sleep. Come with clean moisturized skin and clean hair. If possible, make a music playlist with your favorite songs (music really helps to get you in the right mood) and be ready to have fun!

Wear clothes that represent who you are and how you look when you are at work. We will conceptualize the photoshoot beforehand, I’ll give you ideas on what to wear as well as color palettes for our session. 

Bring props that are relevant to your brand (extra points if the  have your logo). If you sell any products, have them with you. We may be using your computer and your phone as props too.  Bring lots of outfits, it’s better to have too many than wishing you’ve brought more. 

Hair and Makeup is not included in my fee, but I highly encourage you to book a hair and makeup artist. It does really make a difference and you want to look your best at your session. 

 If you book a studio package, we will be shooting at my home studio. If you book a location package, we will discuss different locations that better fit your brand and the mood of the session.

Schedule a 15 minutes consultation with me so we can discuss your brand’s needs and the  best way to take it to the next level with awesome imagery! You can book a consultation here

The turnaround for your retouched images is two weeks.

Do not worry about that! I will pose you and give you all the guidance you need to not only get wonderful images, but also to make you feel your best during our session!

Yes, of course! Bring a friend, an assistant or your loved one to cheer you up throughout the session. I limit it to one person though, for space limitations.