Hi, I'm Gilmar

I’m a Photographer, Photoshop Addict, Educator, KelbyOne Instructor, Diet Cheater, Writer of Articles and Reviews, Public Speaker, Coffee Drinker, Prop Junkie, Disney Freak, and most importantly a mother of two awesome kids. I’m currently based practically across the street from the happiest place on earth, in Orlando, Florida and I am available to travel to any other magical place.

I am passionate about all kind of art expression and experimenting with light, color and creativity …I’m a firm believer we can all create the life we want…Even when sometimes is only with Photoshop and Pixie Dust!

My story....

My journey as a photographer has been a very personal one. My camera helped me to overcome loss and deal with the biggest challenges and saddest moments of my life and at the same time it gave me some kind of purpose. It taught me about a different kind of love and connection. It taught me lots about passion and perseverance. Fast forward to today, my work has been featured in several publications, I have had the joy to teach my craft in workshops and present in many stages. 


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My photography has been featured by some of the top brand names in the Photography Industry: