Yellow… The Hardware store called they want their paint chips back.

So I was told to make a picture and the theme was Yellow. With a theme like that you can go everywhere but since I wanted to involve my kids this time I started thinking on something crafty I could do to  include my boy. Then the idea of doing something with different shades of yellow came to me, and right after, I was visiting all the hardware stores in town and “borrowing” almost all of their stock of yellow paint chips. I’m pretty sure at this point there’s a picture of me on the paint department that reads “Persona non grata” but I managed to get enough paint chips to do my project anyways (with the help of my gorgeous boyfriend that went to take some more paint chips on my behalf).

After I had my pile of paint chips, I started to think on what direction to take. I got two different shape punchers. One for squares and another one for triangles. And then, I took my little box full of paint chips with me in the car and punched those little shapes as I was sitting in my car on the queue waiting for my son (I’m the kind of mom that gets there super early because I don’t want my kid to wait too long, I remember being a few times the last kid to be picked up from school and I totally hated it)

My first take was just to do a background but then the idea of the shirt came to me and I ended up doing both. My boy had a blast gluing the little paint chips all over with me and the whole picture ended up being a mom and son craft project.  Then I made his super cool paper hair and we were done.

When it was time to take the picture I started to worry about all the shapes together and the adjustments I had to do in Photoshop in order for everything to look neat, so I decided to shoot every item separately and composite it in one picture so I could adjust the shirt and hair perfectly on my son without affecting the shapes on the background.

I added a little bit of distortion on the background so it looked more dynamic and Bam! all done! yellow by gilmar smith

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