Vintage Picnic.

Vintage Picnic.

A couple of weeks ago I got together with a fantastic group of local people for a collaboration shoot. It was a chilly Sunday morning, weather really took us by surprise but we did have a blast joking about it and warming up in the sun between frames.

Christine Colbourne and I wanted to work together for a while and after our meeting we decided to go for a vintage picnic theme.

Christine is the owner and designer of all the gorgeous headpieces for Boldly Unique and she also has a huge collection of all things vintage that we used to style the photoshoot.

The hair and make up was done by the fantabulous Valeria Angelino. I was immensely happy with her work and I’m really looking forward to work with her again.

Our models were the always great Lori Katz, the super funny Alli Rae Porter, the gorgeous Whitney Flemming, and the man between all the girls Manny.

Here are some of the shoots from that chilly Sunday morning…

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