Headshots are a way people introduce themselves to the world. It’s the first image people see of you on a resume, or social media account such as LinkedIn, and the image people usually attach to their business cards and brochures.

While gray is the usual choice of background for most photographers, I always try to offer my creative approach for an impactful result. 


The setup I use is very simple, and it consists of a white seamless paper background and a V-Flat on the black side. You can get creative on the lighting, meaning you can light the subject on the black side by placing the main light on the side where the black V Flat by V-Flat World is placed so you can create contrast, or you can keep the darks and the lights separately by placing the light on the side of the white seamless. You can also place the V-Flat horizontally, as demonstrated in the images below.


What I love the most about this setup is its simplicity and the way it makes the subjects pop-up.

Her dress inspired me to flip things around and setup the V-Flat horizontally. Now, I try to use it that way too in every shoot I do with that set up, so my clients have more variety.


This setup is wonderful is you are looking to create or accentuate your clients’ shape. 

You can easily accomplish that by positioning your client between the Vflat and the white background and pose them in a way you can create shapes with their bodies.


Another way to take this setup t the next level is by using the V-Flat as a prop. This was a happy accident at first. I was testing the background light, and as I triggered my camera with my phone, part of my body was hiding behind the V-flat, and just like that I realized it could be another fun use to the setup

Then you can easily play around with posing and creating shapes as I mentioned above. Photography is about creativity and play. I love finding different uses to one setup, and I’m sure I will continually do so with this one.