The girl who loves her dog.

So yesterday I showed you the first image I created in collaboration with my friend Aska Koziara. She lives in California, I live in Orlando and we joined forces to create some magical images of her daughters. Today is all about Antonia and her puppy, Wasabi. Antonia wanted a picture with her puppy. Aska and I talked about different ideas. I told her the best thing for us to do would be taking a few pictures of wasabi, you know, sometimes they are not into posing too much, and then go from there. After Aska sent me the images she took of wasabi there was one that caught my attention and immediately I came up with the idea of shrinking Antonia and probably handing something to wasabi.


(Picture by Aska)

The next step was for Aska to take pictures of Antonia.


(Picture by Aska)


(Picture by Aska)

I love the pose on the picture on top and the face expression on the second, so I put the two together in Photoshop. Antonia rocked her poses! Look at that adorable smile! and of course, her mama rocked the pictures.

So the next step was for me to search for a flower, a grass background and a pretty sky in my Lightroom Library.

untitled-587_mg_8052-2 untitled-531-2

Yep, that grass needed some clean up!

I wanted to keep it as clean and simple as possible. I wanted the main focus of the image to be Antonia and Wasabi. I love how at the end it looks like if hey are in their own little world!


It was such a pleasure and an honor to collaborate on creating these images with Aska. I really enjoyed it!


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