The Fellowship of TheTraveling Cowstume.

The Fellowship of TheTraveling Cowstume.

Once upon a time a German photographer named Cora Trinton had a sweet cow costume and she came up with the brilliant idea of sending this “cowstume” to her fellow photographers all over so they could photograph themselves on this magnificent outfit. So there it started. The Cowstume flew all the way from Germany to Brandon, Fl to be in the hands of the one and only Mark Rodriguez who then brought it to my place in Windermere, Fl. I got the honor of wearing it and shoot one of my best friends on it too….It was pure joy.  I heard the Cowstume made its way to California to be worn by many others… I can’t wait to see what the future brings to it.

You can follow The Traveling Cowstume on it’s page on Google+ to see the rest of the pictures from other photographers.

Thanks to places like Google+ this kind of fun stuff happens!

Here are my shots.

Gilmar in Cowstume


Belgian Cow


The cowstume and the cockstume

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