The Cone of Shame.

DISCLAIMER: No kids were harmed in the making of this picture.

The joys of teething! sleepless nights, endless drool, crankiness, and the mean bites with those little sharp new teeth. Never thought this cone was gonna be so helpful.

So before you start pulling your hair judging my parenting skills, let me interrupt you to let you know I didn’t actually make my girl wear a cone of shame. (this may ruin the chances of trolls releasing their hate on the interwebz today, sorry) This is actually a composite of two pictures (I know, almost impossible, right?) There is a software called Photoshop that allows you to put your kids in really dangerous situations without risking their lives. (wow!) So for my entertainment and maybe yours I put these two together…enjoy! (or not)

untitled-561 untitled-577

bite by gilmar smith

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