You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep spring from coming.

Pablo Neruda.

We are always looking for a new beginning, for a spring in our lives when the flowers start to bloom and our hearts start to feel warmer. I have been living in winter for a while followed by shorts springs interrupted with more cold stormy winters.

I got surprised by spring again. This time it came dressed up like winter but slowly started to show me that the flowers were slowly blooming and the sun was slowly getting warmer.

I hope spring comes to stay in your life too.

While I was organizing things in my old house (that’s how I call the place I used to live that’s now for sale) I found a flower arrangement my mom made for me last time she came to visit two years ago. It was in a corner in the ¬†garage, all dusty. When I saw it it made me sad because I remember how much she put into making it. She spent days and days gluing flowers, it was huge. She was so happy when it was done. It was gorgeous! I couldn’t get myself to throw it away but it was almost destroyed. So I went ahead and started taking the flowers one by one and putting them in a bag. I knew I could come up with something. The next day it came to me. I decided to make a background out of flowers and make a pretty portrait with them so I could show her even if it got destroyed and forgotten in a corner by thirds I did care and I did like and appreciate the beautiful gesture she had making that arrangement for my home.

Yesterday I had a fabulous team working with me in my studio. Had a fantastic Hair and make up artist, Valeria Angelino, and two great models, Maggie Riann and Alexandra Hofer.  We spent the whole day shooting different looks and I took the chance to have this portrait done that I have been daydreaming about for days.

So here’s Primavera.

Model: Alexandra Hofer

Hair and make up: Valeria Angelino.

Photography by me. (Gilmar Smith)


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