Photoshop World Vegas

Photoshop World Vegas

I am back from Photoshop Vegas and here is a recap of all the fun we have at my booth.

Before I start telling you what happened in Vegas, I have to thank my good friends of Spectacular Themes for this fantastic Jail set up that I used in my booth. Please go ahead and give them a follow on Instagram @spectacularthemesorlando.

So what exactly happened in Vegas?

Well, it was one of the best Photoshop Worlds yet… and lots of people went to jail! but not a real jail, just one built for really cool people, and I have the pictures to prove it.

Once again, I teamed up with KelbyOne to put together a booth for Photoshop World attendees. I went back and forth with different themes but I settled with a jail theme to honor Vegas slogan “what happened in Vegas stays in Vegas”.

I had a few inmate costumes to go with the booth and I was so happy to see how much people really enjoyed trying those on and sending pictures to their families and bosses asking for bail money!

I also got to hear so many stories from people who have had encounters with the law… It was a very interesting experience!

Nikon Ambassador Dave Black.

I couldn’t resist asking the guys from Rocky Nook to model for me at my booth. I love that Scott decided to pose with Glynn Dewys’ “Photograph like a Thief” book.

Scott Cowlin and Ted Waitt from RockyNook

One of my favorite things about Photoshop World is spending time with so many creative people. One of them is Mat Hayward who besides being the “Adobe Stock guy”, is an amazing concert photographer, and a fantastic speaker. He also wears the coolest shirts ever!

Mat Hayward

Then, of course, there are the usual troublemakers I have had the honor to meet in the last few years at Photoshop World. People with big amazing personalities that make this industry so great.

The always sweet Karen Hutton.
The always fun Peter Hurley.
All the way from Ireland, the Queen of Guinness – Cathy Baitson

And my wonderful friends from TetherTools who have been incredibly supportive!

Tethertools Team.

Back in April, I headed to Tampa to record a video for the Photoshop World Keynote with some of my favorite photographers, and the amazing KelbyOne video crew. I have been dying to share all that with you and I finally can!

Photoshop World Vegas Keynote

You have no idea how fun was making that video. I completely lost my voice from screaming and laughing. Thank you so much to everyone at KelbyOne for igniting my acting career… next stop “The Oscars”

Thanks again to everybody at KelbyOne, Scott Kelby, Julie Stephenson, Viktor Garcia, Erik Kuna, Kathy Porupski, Julio Aguilar, Sharma Shari, Jean Jilleba, Juan Alfonso, Christina Sauer, Jason Stevens, Rachel Scott. Thanks to my Platypod family for an amazing Team dinner, and thanks to Nikon, Tethertools, Spiffy Gear, 3 Legged Thing, and Drobo for your amazing unconditional support.

Before I leave, I want to share with you the Highlight Video of Photoshop World Vegas made by my friends from KelbyOne. Enjoy and see you at the next one!

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