No wonder why I couldn’t hear you.

Sorry if this grosses you out (giggles)

When I first started photography all I wanted to do was making people laugh. I always say laugh is the best medicine but making people laugh is even better. As you may notice I don’t take myself seriously, at all. I’m my #1 critic and I’m the first one to laugh of everything stupid I say or do, and if you miss it, I will make sure to point it out so you can laugh at me too.┬áSo when I signed up for this photography scavenger hunt we play at G+ and I received the 10 words we were supposed to photograph, I read “wax” and I had this gorgeous idea of this beautiful nude bald (everywhere) model, delicately covered in candle wax on an vintage looking room lit by candle light (pretty huh?). But then I was like, pfft pulling out a huge amount of wax out of my ear would make waaaay a better picture LOL!

So here it is. Enjoy.


wax by gilmar smith

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