My Valentines.

My Valentines.

It has been slow here on the blog in the last couple of months. I started 2014 with lot of resolutions as we all do every year but my body has been playing tricks on me and I haven’t been feeling good at all. I’m still around, I’m still working but I didn’t have the strength to do any personal project until yesterday.

This is idea has been in my head for a while and I actually went to the craft store and got all the crystals on sale a couple of month ago. I was just waiting for that day to feel better and  shoot my concept. That was yesterday morning, I put lots of make up on, set my lights against all odds (everything that could go wrong went) and spent HOURS putting those little crystals on my face. Oh if I only had an idea how tedious that task would be! I was about to loose it a couple of times with those little red shinning things. 🙂

First I was going to go for a happy silly Valentine’s pic but given the last couple of days it came up a little bit more raw. My heart is broken for the things that are happening in my country Venezuela, there is so much chaos, so much blood, so much sadness, and my Valentine’s turned a little bit  somber.

I just hope and pray for things to finally get better and for my people to be safe.

I hope your Valentines is full of love, happiness and chocolate.

Here’s my Valentine’s. Before and After.

Valentines untitled-90

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