My little Monsters INC.

What do we do when we’re bored at home? We dress up and take pictures!

We have a closet full of costumes and a long list on my Iphone with ideas for photoshoot for my kids, why would we sit on front of the TV if there is so much to be had?

I have had that Sully costume for my son for ages, I think he has wore it for four years in a row even though he has pretty much every costume you can think of. I bought it on Ebay and it came with a little Boo doll and since I didn’t have a Boo costume for Norah I just took a picture of the doll and photoshopped my beautiful daughter’s face on.

As I was working on the picture my son came several times to my desk so excited to check on the progress of the picture, he even asked me to print it for him to have it on his room (yay!).

I thought the whole thing was gonna be way easier than it really was. It took me ages to make the background in photoshop but it was worth it. Now we have another cute pic of my kids for their wedding slideshow (giggles)

Sully and Boo

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