My Agent 007.

Just when I thought my boy couldn’t get any cuter, I asked him to put a tuxedo on and well, you can see the results… Gosh, isn’t he handsome?

At first I was worried he could feel a little uncomfortable wearing the tuxedo. HeĀ is very picky about clothes because of his sensory issues, but man, he was enjoying this as much as me. I think at this point he’s so used to play dress up and he knows the process of getting dress, pose for the picture, and then he sits next to me while I process the image in photoshop, that he just doesn’t mind anymore about the fabric , the texture, if it’s long or short sleeve. He knows it’s all about fun! (that’s a little victory for us there, even though I know that maybe wouldn’t wear it all day, just the fact he puts it on it’s a win).

Now about the pose…. wow! The world is not enough.

Bond James Bond

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