Merry Christmas from Sunny Florida!

Merry Christmas from Sunny Florida!

The holiday season came pretty fast and it’s almost gone. I think the last half of the year flew by. But, I couldn’t let Christmas slip by without sharing here our annual Christmas Card. 

Earlier this year I worked with my friends at Spectacular Themes creating an amazing shooting bay for Photoshop World, Orlando. For that event, I picked a Florida swamp theme.

I really loved how everything came together and I wanted to extend the theme to our Christmas Cards. The best part of all was that I didn’t have to spend a dime on it. I just borrowed a few props from Spectacular Themes, set them up in my garage, got my kids to wear clothes they already had and I, of course, wore my infamous Bad Santa suit. 

After we shot our Christmas card, I wanted to get a few shots of my kids just being themselves, and oh boy, did they deliver!

It’s been a very interesting year, my boy is now a teenager and my girl is a very vocal and hyper 5 years old. They get along super well, but from time to time you can see the age difference interfering. Here’s a true example of that!

“Can I go now?”
“Norah, smell my armpit!”

It is funny to see how they love to annoy each other and how they cannot leave away from each other at the same time.

All of these were shot with my handy Nikon Z7, 24-70mm f/4 lens, two Elinchrom 500 bxri; one with an octa on camera right and another one with a strip light set vertically on a low stand for fill. I added a Vflat from V flat world on the white side on each side of the set to fill shadows. 

Herer’s the “before” image for reference. I just “replaced” the sky and did a little retouching a color grading.

Merry Christmas!

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