It feels like it’s always raining on me.

It feels like it’s always raining on me.

I started the making of this picture yesterday but got short of time and craft supplies and I wasn’t in the mood of posting just a snap shot. I preferred to wait and finish this and try to do two pictures today (which I’m still planning to do).

If you follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Google+ you probably saw this little drawing I made as I was planning the shot.


I also made a little time-lapse as I was making the cloud and will be posting it in social media later today so you can see how I look with no makeup, without brushing my hair and wearing my regular “I’m in Charlotte, I’m bored, and I don’t care how I look anymore, clothes”.

To make it I used a paper lantern, Polyester fiber fill, and a stick and click led light, a glue gun and lots of glue sticks.

Here you can see how cute my little cloud turned out without any photoshop. My little boy flipped out when he saw it! (taken in the dark with my Iphone)IMG_0671

My light set up was simple, I used a beauty dish above the camera and a reflector right behind my facing upwards to light up the bottom of the cloud to mimic the light it would come out from lightning and to light up my hair as well. IMG_0679

Then I went on a fight with my hair. I wanted it to be messy and big. It took a while but I think I accomplished what I was looking for. Here’s a shot of My Charlotte Hair vs My Orlando Hair. (I will choose my Orlando hair any day, big hair don’t care!)IMG_0680

Day 41


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