Honey, I ate the kids!

Honey, I ate the kids!

While having coffee this morning I told my baby daddy all about the concept of this picture. I’ve been planning this shot for a while but my biggest concern was getting my angles right for the composite. Well, that’s like a party invitation for a meticulous engineer. I wasn’t finished talking when he took a little post it and started drawing explaining me how to measure the distance and height of the camera to get everything perfectly right. At that moment I fell asleep lol! Talk numbers to me and I will go straight to lalaland and dream about unicorns and fairies. I’m more like let’s try and see and if it doesn’t work we move it a little bit right or left or maybe up or down, we’ll get it eventually after a couple of tantrums lol!


So we went ahead and set everything for the shot, and took the plate image. Then I see Laurent walking into the studio with a measuring tape and the little post it note and say “this is how we’re gonna do this thing”. He tends to take over and “fix” things (so cute). You see I’m the messy, emotional, crazy one and he’s the calm, meticulous always having everything under control kinda guy. We are completely different but we complete each other somehow, I guess, and thankfully we share our passion for photography and race cars. He always says I’m a mix of Gloria and Cameron from Modern Family (I’m still trying to figure out if that’s a good or bad thing).


Anyways back to the picture thingy. After he took all the measurements and we marked the floor we called my little boy for his photo session. He was pretty good as usual making all kind of funny faces.


Then (insert suspense music here) was Norah’s turn. I got her into her Ketchup outfit and well I thought I was gonna have the shot fast because I wasn’t expecting a smiley face, all the opposite, I wanted her to look  a little upset for the picture but of course, she was all smiles today. At the end she was ready to take that outfit off and that’s when she complained. (click)

The postprocessing was a piece of cake thanks to Laurent’s numbers. The hotdog fit like a glove on the plate! No need of any changes of perspective or anything.


Day 18

DISCLAIMER: no kids were harmed, hurt, damaged or eaten in the making of this picture.

  • Paul Howard
    Posted at 19:19h, 18 January Reply

    Man oh man oh man, that is wonderful, Gilmar!!!
    So creative, so well planned, amazingly executed………. just super!!!

  • gtdmouse
    Posted at 20:17h, 18 January Reply

    Nice job! Only problem is that the glass is almost full, but the Coke bottle looks like it hasn’t been opened yet. 🙂

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