Hang in there…

I created this image back in April for a game I play with other photographers in G+.  I wasn’t able to post it on social media until now because besides being a game, your images get judged. So after many days of anxiety and desperation waiting for the judging to be over, I’m sharing this with you today.

I wanted to create something with my kiddos. The topic for the picture was “hang in there” and after giving it a lot of thought I couldn’t get away from the idea of doing something with a hot air balloon.  I ended up buying this gorgeous Balloon, which is now part of the decoration in my daughter’s room, and I planning to use it for more composites.  (here I’m trying to justify the expense)

In one of my trips back to Orlando I took this picture of the sky from my airplane window with the idea of using it for this composite. My biggest concern was to get the kids to pose for me. Well, my boy is into the photoshoots so much now, I just have to show him my sketch and he will do it in a heartbeat, but I really wanted my little girl to be in the picture too.  Little I knew the only thing I needed for her to be calm and happy was having her brother holding her hand. Without forcing it this image ended up being exactly as I pictured it in my head. Hope you like it.


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