Color Gels’ Portraits.

Color Gels’ Portraits.

When I create an image I want to impact my viewers and make them stop for a while. Color has that power, it can make or break an image. That’s why I think it’s crucial for artists to learn about color.

Whenever I’m creating an image I make sure to plan my color palette in advance, and that’s exactly what I did when creating these two images below.

I picked Fucshia, Cyan and yellow as my color palette. I’ve always loved that color combination, they are all bright, energetic and balance each other.

I used a strobe with a bare bulb and a yellow gel to light the background. Then another strobe with a fuschia gel on camera left 45 degrees of my subject and another strobe with a beauty dish and a cyan gel on camera right.

The secret to creating images like this is setting every light separately to really see the brightness and saturation of the colors and where the light is falling.

These were shot with my Nikon Z7, and a 24-70mm f/4 Z lens.

Light diagram created with Elixxier software, set a light.
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