Bringing the outdoors indoors.

Bringing the outdoors indoors.

So what do you do when you want to go camping, but you are in lockdown and you’re not into the mosquitos or sleeping in a tent?

You go glamping in your living room!

I am all about adventures, but sometimes I just have to improvise especially when it comes to making my kids’ as magical as possible!

Back in May, we came out with the great idea of bringing the outdoors indoors and making our movie nights a little more interesting.

We went ahead and borrowed a few camping props from Spectacular Themes and transformed our living room into the coolest National Park, mosquito-free, with AC, clean bathrooms, Netflix, and fresh popcorn!

My kids slept comfortably in a tent (or at least that is what they said), while I made myself comfortable on the sofa. All with the company of a HUGE fake spider, a plastic tiger, a rubber snake, and the most amazing fake camping fire you can think of!

We watched movies, told stories, danced around the fire, and even had Chick-Fil-A delivered to our camp! Thanks, Uber eats! But, of course, I couldn’t just set all this up in my living room without completing the whole experience with a picture for us to remember our adventure forever, and to share it with all of you.

So before we tore our camp down and took all the props back, we posed in front of my glorious Nikon Z7 for a picture.

I used a Elinchrom ELC-125 inside of the tent with a yellow gel, an ELinchrom ELC-500 with a blue gel to create atmosphere and then another Elinchrom ELC-500 with an orange gel around the fireplace to mimic the fire.

Then, of course, I had to add some more magic in Photoshop.

The kids are already asking me to do another theme for our movie nights. What do you think we should do next?

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