Before and After. Self-Portraits.

I’ve been wanting to put this blog post together for a while. I personally dig looking at before and afters posts from other photographers and I know, the times I have posted my own, my fellow photographer friends have dug it too. So, I gathered the latest self-portraits I’ve taken, so you can see the work that goes before I post an image. I’ve been experimenting with different techniques to improve my skin retouching, and what a better way to do it than practicing on my own dry, dull, wrinkled skin, and my always puffy tired eyes!

In this first image, I used the Venezuelan flag’s colors as my palette. It was a way for my to express my support to my beautiful country that is going through rough times. Those little bumps on my forehead are a reminder I shouldn’t be eating anything that contains dairy… But how can you say no to cheesecake? especially when you eat a whole cheesecake during the weekend by yourself…

Venezuela-1095 Venezuela

So, after I was done with this picture, I realized how challenging it was going to be taking that sticky makeup off my eyes. So I thought it was a good idea to spread it all over my face and maybe get another shot.


Did your parents ever tell you not to play with your food? Now imagine my 10 years old son’s face when he saw me taking this pictures. He just smiled, rolled his eyes and said in Spanish “mama esta loca”, or with this one he would say “mama is bananas”.Banana-885Banana

Do you want fries with that? I actually felt like throwing up with all those fries in my mouth!

Fries-858 Do you want fries with that-Edit

When life gives you lemons… you suck it up, right? Lemon-686Lemon-686i

This one was a lot of fun! my son helped my making a mess with the sprinkles, but we were laughing so much I couldn’t use any of the ones where he was actually pouring the sprinklers on my head… I’m still finding these little sticky things all over my house…


And lastly this one with my beautiful colorful umbrella.

Umbrella-466 Umbrella-466-3i

The magic of Photoshop, huh?

To me is about balancing a little bit the tones and taking care of the blemishes and little imperfections in the skin. It’s so easy to over do it. At this point, I’m still using my self-portraiture to experiment with light and post processing and keep up learning and polishing my craft. Of course, I’m having a lot of fun in the process. I hope you enjoyed these. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments.






  1. Dave DeBaeremaeker · April 3, 2017 Reply

    Ha. My son saw the photos with the sprinkles and speculated you still had them on your face.

  2. Elizabeth · April 3, 2017 Reply

    Oh Gilmar you rock. I love these – except now I want French fries and a donut! I’m going to be good and go to the gym though

  3. Eric · April 4, 2017 Reply

    Wonderful as always Gilmar!

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